“I cannot say enough great things about Jesse. He has rehabbed both my son (a 3 sport high school athlete) and me back to health multiple times. My son would not have been able to have the career he... Read More

David D.

"So, apparently, once you hit 30, you need to be careful since your warranty, I guess, expires. Of course, no one tells me this. So, first, I injured my shoulder. "No biggie," I thought. "Let it rest.... Read More

Joanne G.

"I went to SPTA Brookline with a shoulder condition that I had previously had in the other one. Julia Choi nursed my shoulder back to health in what I feel was record time. From the beginning, I could... Read More


"After surgery on my meniscus in January I was looking at getting physical therapy so I could get back to work. As a mountain guide and ski mountaineer, working on some of the highest peaks in the world,... Read More

Jim S.

"I have been going to Sports and Physical Therapy Associates for 4 weeks now for some disk degeneration and a muscle spasm, which has been a source of much pain, burning and tingling sensations from... Read More

Brian B.

"I'm not sure if it's a good thing that I'm now the duke of SPTA... This is now my second stint in physical therapy! The first time was for a torn rotator cuff, and now to recover from ACL surgery.... Read More

Sean S., Physician

"As a physician with a 35 year history of sports-related over-use injuries, I am far more familiar than I would like to be with rehab and physical therapy. Chris Morin in Newton Center provided superb... Read More

Gail R.

"If you need physical therapy, I would highly recommend Sports and Physical Therapy. I went after a total hip replacement. My physical therapist, Paula Bresnahan was an outstanding clinician. She was... Read More

Wendy D.

"I am a personal trainer and had injured my shoulder during one of my workouts. I was diagnosed with biceps tendonitis. I tried cortisone injections and 3 other PT places before I found Sports and Physical... Read More

February 6, 2012

"Jesse is one of the very best practitioners I know of in the physical therapy field. He has healed a variety of my joint injuries over the past seven years. I have also watched Jesse evaluate and treat... Read More